I post periodically at a couple of different blog sites, including

4 April 2018 Abuse inquiry must act on compensation urges that questions surrounding compensation for New Zealanders who were abused in care should be a priority for the Historical Abuse in State Care Royal Commission.

23 January 2018 Time to Talk Compensation for State Care Abuse argues that the government’s new inquiry into systemic abuse of children in care must address the issues surrounding compensation.

8 September 2017 What Does Institutional Trust Mean in the Digital Age? looks at questions of police power, citizens’ rights, and privacy in New Zealand in light of recent breaches of trust.

18 June 2017 A Constitutional Call to Action reflects upon a recent Court of Appeal decision pertains to judicial declarations of inconsistency.

3 December, 2016 Inquiring into Abuse in Care offers some thoughts as to the character of any public inquiry into abuse in care in New Zealand.

12 August, 2016 Responding to the Judicial Declaration of Inconsistency talks about how we might develop New Zealand’s Parliamentary practice so as to optimise the effectiveness of the Judicial Declaration of NZBORA inconsistency.

7 July 2015. Stripping the Citizen criticises recent Australian proposals to ‘denationalise’ those suspected of terrorism

13 May 2015. The Politics of Memory raises questions about our responsibilities in the face of historical atrocity.

8 August, 2013 When OUP asked me to blog on the topic of indigenous rights, together Kathy Smits and I wrote, UNDRIP, CANZUS, and indigenous rights.

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