Videos and Podcasts

JULY 2015 This is a podcast of a radio interview involving myself and Jennifer Lees-Marshment on Magna Carta

APRIL 2015 This is a TV piece on the show ‘Media:Take’ concerning campaign funding. The relevant segment starts at 11.34.

DECEMBER 2014 This is a podcast of a talk at an Oxford Transitional Justice Research Seminar. It argues in favour of a wholly political account of political apologies.

JUNE 2013 The video below is a talk given at a conference organized by the New Zealand Centre for Human Rights Law, Policy and Practice. I advocate for stronger powers of judicial review. And I’m not nearly as angry as the initial screengrab makes me appear.

AUGUST 2013. This is a link to radio interview on indigenous reparations.

SEPTEMBER 2011 This talk was given at the Auckland Society for Reason and Science. It critiques the idea of using the Alaskan Permanent Fund Dividend as a funding model for a basic income.


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