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Book Chapters

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Popular Press (Recent)

I used to publish regular reports for the Society for Legal and Social Philosophy in Law News. Copies of these can be found here.

2018 Time to Talk Compensation for State Care Abuse 23 January.

2017. Winter, S. A constitutional call to action Law News. 16 June.

2017. Winter, S. Proper response needed to abuse in care 11 April.

2015. Winter, S. 800-year-old Great Charter still has value today NZ Herald 12 June.

2015. Winter, S. TV3’s X-Factor bullying apology insincere NZ Herald, 17 March.

2013. Winter, S &  K. Smits ‘UNDRIP, CANZUS, and indigenous rights’. OUPblog, August 8.

2013. Winter, S. ‘How to Have a Constitutional ConversationLaw News


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